RCI Lunch & Learn Tour 2014

RCI, the world’s largest timeshare exchange company, has announced their 2014 Lunch & Learn Tour. The focus of this experience is to teach timeshare resorts the latest industry practices and services.

The tour will kick off April 15th in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and continue for seven months. The RCI timeshare team will travel across the nation from Palm Beach, Florida to Palm Springs, California.

Senior VP Affiliate Partners and Services for RCI, Kris Jamtaas shared, “Vacation ownership is constantly evolving and RCI is committed to helping resorts stay abreast of current trends and consumer attitudes so they can thrive in today’s market. The Lunch & Learn tour is a great opportunity for resorts to learn about some of the latest best practices being utilized within the industry, as well as services and promotions offered through RCI and our vendor partners that can help increase sales, cut costs and improve customer satisfaction.”

The event will be geared toward resort leadership, developers, and board of directors. Both RCI affiliated and non-affiliated resorts are invited to attend. In addition to industry best practices, resorts will also learn RCI’s strategy. Here they will learn new ways to increase owner and employee engagement.

One topic every resort will be interested to discuss is ways to generate more revenue will saving on costs. RCI will cover ways that resort can provide more benefits to their members without spending more money, creating a greater return on investment.

RCI Affiliate Access Vendors will also be available to discuss products with resorts and developers. Resorts can learn about the benefits that RCI provides to its members and more. Special discounts will also be offered during this vendor session.

For information about tour dates and registration, visit RCI.com/events.