Classic Holidays Hosts 2nd Annual Work Inspiration Program for Students

This month, the Australian-based Classic Holidays group hosted their second annual “Work Inspiration” program. Through a partnership with a local high school, students joined Classic Holidays employees at work for mentoring and career experiences.

Program Coordinator and Classic Holidays’ Sandy Point Resort Manager, Julia Whitton said, “The ‘Work Inspiration’ program at Classic Holidays has gone beyond our expectations as a work experience platform. Everyone has embraced this program, and we are seeing it really take off in its second year with more schools coming on board.”

Thirteen students from Helensvale High in Queensland, Australia visited the Classic Holidays’ corporate office for a two-day experience. Here the students shadowed employees to get a feel for what it would be like to work for Classic Holidays.

Whitton continued, “The structure of the program is what the kids really enjoy – it’s fun and engaging for everyone, particularly our Classic Holidays staff who act as mentors to the students. This year, with the support of Partnership Brokers, we are also making a film of the ‘Work Inspiration’ journey, which will be a great tool for promoting the program further.”

Classic Holidays also hosted a Work Inspiration program at two of their resorts. At the Golden Shores Resort, Horticulture students participated in a two-day grounds experience. While at Surfers Royale, hospitality students shadowed at the resort’s Reception desk. Classic Holidays is planning additional Work Inspiration events to take place in the next few weeks.

“Later this month we will be presenting ‘Work Inspiration’ to Emmanuel College staff and students, and we will be welcoming more students from Varsity College later in the year to Classic Holidays following the success of the pilot program with Varsity last November,” said Whitton.

The support from the students and employees has encouraged Classic Holidays to make Work Inspirations a long-term program. To show their enthusiasm, Classic Holidays has committed to 100 Work Inspiration events throughout the rest of 2014.

On this note, Whitton shared,

“The feedback from participating students has been 100% positive. They learn a lot about their own personalities, skills and strengths through the various talks and workshops, inspiring them to think about what kind of career they would like to have. For Classic Holidays, it’s every bit as rewarding to share behind the scenes of our business and see the students form bonds with our Classic Holidays mentors.”