RCI Affiliates with Domina Vacanze Resort in Sicily

Domina Coral Bay Hotel & ResortRCI has added yet another resort to their affiliated network. This time, it is the Domina Coral Bay Hotel & Resort on the island of Sicily. Owned by the prominent, Italian hotel group Domina Vacanze, the resort will make a great addition to RCI’s network of more than 4,500 affiliated properties.

Domina’s general manager Nicola Cighetti said,

“We are pleased to be bringing the Domina Coral Bay Hotel & Resort – Zagarella into RCI’s exchange holiday programme. RCI has a proven track record in providing a consistently efficient service to both its members and its affiliated resort clients. Add to this the almost 4,500 resorts worldwide that are affiliated to RCI’s exchange network, available to our RCI owner members, and it is clear that this affiliation supports our core mission of delivering memorable holidays in the widest range of incredible destinations.”

This is not the first Domina Vacanze resort affiliated with RCI. In fact, the resort in Sicily is the 11th resort to be added to RCI’s timeshare exchange network.

Managing director, RCI Europe, Middle East, Africa and India, Sean Lowe shared, “Italy is one of the world’s most desired holiday destinations, so the opportunity to offer a fabulous Italian island resort experience to our members through our relationship with Domina Vacanze is one we value highly.”

So far, both partners are very pleased with the collaboration. RCI and Domina Vacanze share similar values, including the value of their customers’ satisfaction.

Lowe concluded,

“Domina’s approach of maintaining family values and ensuring high service levels and quality in every aspect of the holiday offering is one we respect and share. It is always reassuring to be working with a brand and a team that apply the same fundamental customer care principles to their customer service and guest experience as you do yourself. The affiliation of Domina Coral Bay Hotel & Resort – Zagarella in Sicily is a great addition to RCI’s portfolio of quality affiliated resorts in some of the world’s best destinations.”