Big Success for DAE Golf Tournament

Last week DAE hosted their inaugural golf tournament in Taupo, New Zealand. The event was deemed a great success by organizers, players, and guests.

The DAE invitational 45-Hole Golf Classic featured 5 days of friendly 9-hole tournaments and attracted 70 players. Both local and international guests participated, creating a diverse group.

Overall, DAE was extremely pleased with the event. DAE’s Regional Manager of Australia and New Zealand, Gary Fog said, “The inaugural DAE Golf Classic exceeded all expectations in terms of what we set out to achieve — to provide new and exciting experiences for our members to travel to beautiful tourism destinations like Taupo.”

Due to the tournament’s success DAE shared that they will host the tournament again next year.

Fog added, “We have surveyed all of the players and DAE members who took part in the tournament, and will be taking their suggestions on board as we plan for an even better event in 2015.”

The golf tournament is just one of many ways that DAE is working to promote tourism and the vacation ownership industry.

“Our aim in hosting this event in Taupo in May was to bring added tourism benefits to the region. Most importantly, all the feedback received had everyone agreeing the tournament week was great value for money. The shorter 9-hole games allowed our DAE members visiting from Australia or other parts of New Zealand to explore the Taupo region during their stay, with many enjoying river cruises, and art and cultural activities outside of playing golf,” said Fog.

DAE partnered with the Taupo Golf Club and two local timeshare resorts to host the event. As DAE is an award-winning timeshare exchange company, the Lake Edge Resort and Lakeside Villas timeshares were happy to help. Rick Martin, Tournament Organizer and Chairman of Lake Edge Resort said he very pleased with the success of the tournament and is looking forward to next year.

Martin commented,

“Our initial concept was a low-key competition but as soon as DAE came on board the whole thing just took off. The fantastic support of everyone at DAE made the event the success that it was. A great aspect of the tournament was that DAE members were able to mingle with local nine-hole players over the week, and some locals even volunteered to act as tour guides outside of the golf. With DAE confirming their support for 2015 I know that we will have a bigger and better tournament next year.”

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