DAE Introduces “Award of Excellence” Program

DAEThis week DAE launched the DAE “Award of Excellence” program. The new program will be used to recognize DAE-affiliated resorts that provide exceptional customer service.

DAE’s Gold Coast Head Office in Australia will work to implement the awards program, as it will begin with resorts in Australia and New Zealand. After the initial launch, the program will expand to affiliated resorts around the world.

DAE CEO Francis Taylor shared,

“DAE has worked in consultation with our resort partners in Australia and New Zealand to create an innovative reward program that aims to lift the standard of customer service throughout the industry. We’ll be working closely with all our resorts to introduce the ‘Award of Excellence’ from this week, and throughout the duration of the program over the next 12 months.”

DAE will use guests to distribute the awards. The guest will be notified of the award when they arrive and asked to give the award to an employee who has made their stay memorable. DAE will also provide prizes to those resorts and employees who provide the best customer service throughout the year.

Taylor continued,

“DAE’s ‘Award of Excellence’ is all about encouraging staff to create a resort experience that customers will always remember for going above and beyond expectations. As the timeshare industry’s Best Customer Service Provider, DAE understands the importance of excellent customer service and rewarding those frontline staff who are crucial in delivering great holiday experiences to timeshare owners all around Australia and New Zealand.”