RCI Releases New Online Program


This week RCI, the largest timeshare exchange company in the world, launched their new RCI Custom Incentives & Benefits Platform.

This new, inexpensive sales program is available online to all RCI-affiliated resorts and companies. The program will feature several sales applications from tours, to first-day incentives, to exit programs. RCI designed the program with the idea that any brand could use the platform and adapt it to their business’ needs.

RCI senior VP, business development & operations, U.S., Canada & Caribbean, Fiona Downing said, “We are committed to providing innovative marketing and technology programs that add value for our affiliates. Each relationship is unique, so we strive to offer customized solutions to fit each affiliate’s needs. Our new Custom Incentives & Benefits Platform gives affiliates the power to offer product enhancements and arrange trial or exit programs to help close more deals, recover marketing costs and enhance the overall customer experience to build brand loyalty.”

The Custom Incentives & Benefits Platform will allow affiliated resorts to create their own marketing and incentive programs. By creating a personalized program, they can choose what benefits they’d like to feature and advertise them in a way that highlights their company.

The affiliates can choose to showcase benefits from RCI directly or one of their third-party vendors.
RCI feels that when strategically implemented, these benefits will increase sales goals such as resort repeat visits. RCI hopes to help their affiliates sell more packages and see a better return on their marketing efforts.

If you are an RCI affiliate and would like to learn more about this new program, please contact your RCI account executive.