Royal Resorts Protects Baby Sea Turtles

Sea Turtle

The Cancun-based timeshare group Royal Resorts is working to protect one of our most endangered animals, the sea turtle.

During the summer, sea turtles travel to the beaches of Cancun and Rivera Maya to lay eggs. It is important that the turtles are not disturbed while they lay their eggs.

Royal Resorts has taken the initiative to protect this endangered species by providing “turtle security” at their Grand Residences resort. To ensure the animals’ safety, the resort is supplying security to patrol the beach at night to protect the eggs and keep an eye out for new nests.

Despite state and federal protection, many sea turtles are killed every year by fishing and other human activities. Beachside development can also impact the turtles’ survival, especially when they first hatch.

When sea turtles hatch, they should crawl towards the ocean. The hatchlings are drawn to the ocean because of the water’s reflective properties. However, with beach development the turtles can become distracted by the lights of hotels and houses.

To prevent this, the security team will transport each nest that they find to a safer area. Royal Resorts has built special corrals to protect the turtles from confusing the ocean from human activity. These corrals will make it much safer for the turtles to hatch. However guests will still have the opportunity to watch the turtle hatch and retreat into the ocean.

Grand Residences General Manager, Carlo Bicaci said, “Resort guests are delighted to be involved in this initiative as part of their vacation experience, they help security guards keep watch and they play an important role in their survival.”

The Grand Residences has already successfully moved a nest to the corral area. The corral is the first on the beach to protect the eggs from humans and animal predators. With the help of Royal Resorts, the eggs should safely hatch sometime this fall. Stay tuned to for more on this developing program.