RCI Hosts Appreciation Lunch for Partners in Tokyo


RCI could not operate without their many business partnerships. As a thank you to these partners, RCI recently hosted a business partner appreciation lunch at the Park Hyatt Tokyo in Japan.

40 guests attended the luncheon including Norikiyo Kihara, senior manager of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) and Mike Uchida, VP of Hilton Grand Vacations Club.

First, managing direction of RCI Asia Pacific, Ricardo Montaudon, welcomed the business partners with an opening statement. Next Leo Okazaki, director of Business Development for RCI Japan, gave a brief summary of the company’s background, and discussed future opportunities for timeshare in Japan.

Montaudon shared,

“RCI is thankful for our partners’ continued support over the past year as we increase our presence in Japan by moving from a licensing model to a wholly owned business model where we can fully deploy our resources to grow shared ownership in this high-potential market. We will continue to provide our affiliated resorts and their members with excellent exchange services, in addition to new and exciting benefits and programs to come.”

Over the past few years, the timeshare market in Asia and the Pacific has seen a significant amount of growth. RCI Japan has made a commitment to increase their presence in the area in order to assist new and developing resorts.

There are many great opportunities for travel and vacation ownership in Japan. Due to the country’s highly developed economy, the country is a popular destination for tourists. Currently, RCI offers 25 affiliated resorts in Japan. The luncheon provided a time for the leaders of RCI and affiliated resorts to discuss future growth.

Kihara from DVC said, “It is assuring to hear about RCI’s history, achievements and track records, as well as its future strategies for Japan. Shared ownership works differently in Japan so the introduction on global shared ownership market is useful for us to understand how shared ownership works in the rest of the world and how we can leverage it.”

Okazaki commented, “Shared ownership is a proven travel management tool that will benefit local businesses, developers and consumers alike. Japan is now a strategic region for RCI and we are confident that with the support of our partners, we can help bring the shared ownership industry in Japan to new heights of success.”