Grand Solmar Timeshare Warns Travelers of Scams

Grand Solmar Lands End

Every year, thousands of travelers fall victim to scams while vacationing. This is why the Grand Solmar created their “Timeshare Scam Prevention Squad.” The squad provides semiannual updates on scams to educate and protect consumers.

In their most recent press release, the Grand Solmar warned that scams can occur anywhere. They shared that whether you’re traveling abroad or close to home, you need to be alert and protect yourself.

Lately, more travelers are being scammed while at the airport, particularly at security check points. One scam in particular can occur while passing through the metal detector.

When you pass through security, it is customary that you place all of your belongings onto a conveyor belt while you go through the metal detector. These items are typically valuable belongings including jewelry, laptops, and cell phones. While you may only be separated from your items for a few minutes, scammers are finding ways to distract you and steal your belongings.

In this case, a scam artist will enter the metal detector before you, and forget to remove items from their pockets. The scam artist will take their time to place these additional items (jewelry, coins, etc.) and delay your turn to walk through the metal detector.

Once you finally walk through, your belongings are gone. The scam artist in front of you, or most likely their partner, has removed the items while you were distracted by their charade. To avoid this scam, the Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Prevention Squad recommends that you do not place your items on the conveyor belt too early. Hold onto your items until just before you enter the detector, and keep your eye on them at all times.

Another scam that Grand Solmar has seen recently is the “dropped wallet scam.” If a traveler is in the airport with their luggage, the scammers will drop their wallet while walking by. Most travelers will pick up the wallet and run it over to the scammer to return it. While the person is returning the wallet, the scammer will steal their luggage.

To avoid this scam, Grand Solmar recommends that you do not leave your luggage unattended. You can hold your luggage as you return the wallet, or have a friend watch it.

These scams, and most others, are completely avoidable as long as you stay observant. Learn more about timeshare scams by staying tuned to