Why You Can’t Afford to Not Take a Vacation

Recently, Nielsen Research conducted a new study to measure how vacations can affect a person’s happiness. The study shows that 76% of people who take at least one vacation per year live happier, more satisfying lives. Regular vacationers reported that they are more content with their jobs, their health, their relationships, and themselves as a whole.

While other studies have shown us similar results, people are still not using their vacation days. Why? In a recent press release, Diamond Resorts International® speculates that perhaps the general public feels that vacations are too expensive.

With rising hotel prices, it’s no surprise that people think vacationing is unaffordable. For many, the only affordable lodging they can find is a budget motel. Forced to choose between a budget motel and no vacation at all, many would choose latter.

What these people do not realize, is the affordable luxury that comes with vacation ownership. Diamond Resorts suggests that timeshare programs, such as Diamond Resorts’ THE Club, offer flexible travel accommodations for much less than the price of a hotel. Timeshare ownership offers the chance to take luxury vacations, without the expense.

Through THE Club, by Diamond Resorts International, each year members are provided with an allotment of points, which they can use to book accommodations. Instead of paying $300-$500 per night to stay in a traditional hotel, members often pay about the same amount in maintenance fees for an entire week. Plus, members have the added benefit of diving up their points to take multiple vacations.

If taking a yearly vacation is important to a person’s health and happiness, we agree that timeshare ownership is a great way to support this. Most timeshare programs require that you take book a vacation at least once a year, ensuring that you take the necessary time off work. However, if any reason you are unable to vacation one year, you also have the option to bank your points with an exchange company, such as Interval International or RCI.

Although the initial purchase price of a timeshare membership can cost a few thousand dollars, you can receive significant savings by purchasing on the resale market. Companies like SellMyTimeshareNow.com can help you to purchase a timeshare resale or even rent a week at a reduced cost. To learn more about timeshare ownership, and how you can travel more often, visit SellMyTimeshareNow.com.