RCI Provides Call Centers for Royal Resorts


RCI has announced that they will soon offer call centers for Royal Resorts owners. The call center will offer customer service to the Royal Resorts’ Odyssey Club, a subsidiary of the Karma Royal Group.

Royal Group founder, John Spence, commented,

“We have definitely leveraged RCI’s services as a primary navigator in our member journey, as we do not see that part of the business as being where our core expertise lies.

“It all looks so easy on the outside, but underneath it is a manpower-driven, time-consuming process. It takes scale of operation and is something I found more challenging than I anticipated. Having RCI as our partner will help us a great deal.”

The partnership is truly an international agreement, as RCI will use three call centers around the world to service Royal Resorts’ 20,000 members. The primary international center will run through RCI Cork. Members based in India will be serviced through the RCI Bangalore offices, while Asia-Pacific members will call into the Singapore location.

Sean Lowe, managing director of RCI Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India, shared,

“This is an exciting next stage in our journey with Royal Resorts, as we become integral to each other’s operations. We have been privileged to work with John since he opened his first resort in Goa 22 years ago, and it has been an exciting journey to get where we are now.

“Under our new agreement, we are giving Odyssey Club members specialist servicing in booking exchange holidays—which are external to the Club options in the fabulous Royal Resorts’ properties they enjoy—from the choice of approximately 4,500 resorts affiliated to RCI globally. And for John and his group, we have designed our servicing plans to accommodate the Odyssey Club growth, which we are confident they will need in the future.”

To learn more about RCI, visit RCI.com.