Wyndham Announces Plans to Add 50 Resorts in India

Wyndham Vacation Ownership

As international tourism grows in Asia, Wyndham continues to acquire new resorts throughout the region.This week Wyndham Worldwide announced that they plan to add an additional 50 resorts in India over the next two years.

Wyndham Worldwide Chairman, President and CEO Stephen P Holmes shared, “We plan to add 50 hotels in India by end of 2018. We currently have 25 hotels here. We will also be adding 35 affiliated resorts in the country in the next three years.”

Currently, Wyndham has 130 resorts in India through partnerships & affiliations, including Mahindra Holidays. In addition, Wyndham plans to make 35 of these new resorts RCI-affiliated properties. In the last month, RCI has already added three Wyndham-affiliated resorts to their inventory list.

Holmes adds, “Right now India represents a small portion of our overall business but no market is growing faster than Indian market and it has a greater potential particularly in the timeshare side in the world. It will have a much larger share for us in the future.”

Right now, the number of timeshare owners in India is quite low, but has enormous potential to grow.

RCI President Gordon Gurnik commented, “On timeshare side in the last five years we have grown by 40 per cent growth in the number of affiliated resorts in India.”

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