ARDA Infographic Shows “A World of Options” for Timeshare Owners


Vacationing, as with everything these days, is all about customization. A new infographic from the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) shows how a timeshare vacation experience is different from a traditional vacation and lends itself to the unique customization travelers are looking for now.

View the infographic here.

The ARDA International Foundation funded research over the past decade polling owners on why they value their timeshares,. According to their data, respondents repeatedly cited the flexibility of product types and global locations to choose from as the main benefit of timeshare ownership.

A few of the key statistics that the infographic highlights are:
More than 5,300 timeshare resorts located in 100 countries
Destinations vary – beach, desert, mountains, rural settings, etc.
Ability to explore new places, return to favorite locations, or visit with loved ones

“Everyone wants to vacation on their own terms,” said ARDA’s president and CEO Howard Nusbaum. “But it’s the flexibility and variety of ownership options that timeshare lets you truly create a vacation experience based on how you like to travel.”

For more information and industry insight, visit ARDA’s website.