New Finland Resort Allows Guests to Ski Straight from the Rooftops

Koutalaki Ski Village

The Koutalaki Ski Village, located in Levi in the Finnish Lapland, will allow guests to take a lift up to the rooftops of the resort and ski straight down onto the freshly powdered slopes. Once the resort is finished, it will actually form its own village,—Upper Levi—which will be able to accommodate more than 3,000 guests at once.

This Finland ski village will house 500 different sized units, varying from one-room suites to deluxe villas for larger groups. The idea is to create a village-like experience, with four curved resort buildings built to surround a central public area in order to protect guests from the sometimes harsh elements.

While winter sports lovers will be sure to flock to this unique resort, the property is being developed as a four-season vacation attraction. The central area will eventually feature ice rinks during the winter, concerts and shows during the summer, restaurants, a market square, and a spa. Of course, the ability to ski straight from the rooftops to the slopes will be the main appeal for travelers. The unusual concept is the first of its kind in the world and part of it is already open to the public. In the summer, the roof will be covered with grass, becoming a hiking trail for visitors to admire the scenic surrounding views.

Visit the Koutalaki Ski Village website for more information.