DVC Updates Resale Restrictions

Copper Creek Villas & Cabins

As of April 4th, 2016, Disney Vacation Club members who do not purchase their ownership through Disney Vacation Development Inc. will not receive Membership Extras benefits. This change will only apply to new owners April 4th and beyond.

Membership Extras include such things as discounts on merchandise, passes, and restaurants. There are also perks that included access to a lounge coming soon to Epcot, certain sweepstakes, and special events at the parks. Disney Vacation Club had stopped allowing resale buyers to use their points for the Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, and the Concierge Collection (a group of luxury hotels), and have now taken it a step further to cut off additional benefits from resale buyers.

Their website reads: “We see this policy change as a very positive step to ensure that, going forward, our Members who purchase directly from Disney Vacation Club receive a premium advantage—in addition to all the magic that Disney has to offer.”

Disney Vacation Club properties have been known for their high resale value, as resale buyers could purchase a DVC timeshare and save thousands while still getting all the Membership Extras. While this benefits the buyer, it indefinitely causes Disney to lose direct sales.

“I think they always do things that protect their ability to sell for the full retail price,” said Chris Skeldon, vice president of sales at Fidelity Resales (who handles Disney timeshare contracts). “Why would people pay that retail amount if they’re not getting extra benefits?”

Disney Vacation Club timeshare resales can still be purchased for highly discounted rates, and the demand for these properties on the secondary market will remain high. Future owners just need to take into consideration whether the Membership Extras are worth the higher price for the Club membership.

To learn more about Disney Vacation Club’s new resale policy, visit their website.