Travelocity Releases Its List of Best Summer Destinations

Travel booking giant Travelocity has released its list of the best summer destinations for 2016. The 50 largest cities in the U.S. were measured by attractions, weather, and affordability. The resulting list was designed to highlight cities that include a number of historical and cultural attractions, good year-round weather, and flights and accommodations that won’t break the bank.

More than 1,000 Americans were surveyed on what makes a perfect vacation. The four most-desired attractions were beaches, national or state parks, theme parks, and historical landmarks. From there, Travelocity delivered their list.

“We wanted to look at data to help travelers find the best summer vacation destinations,” stated Alan Cunningham, Director of Marketing Analytics for Travelocity. He continued to praise the results and the diversity of the top 20 cities, saying “We were pleased to see that both traditionally popular and lesser-known summer destinations made the list.”

The West Coast reigned supreme, with Los Angeles and San Diego taking the top two spots. Las Vegas, Phoenix, Oakland, Fresno, and Portland, Oregon followed respectively. For many, the Western U.S. cities offer amazing weather and no shortage of opportunities to explore, so it comes as no surprise that these cities ranked well.

The list did have some surprises, though. Jacksonville, FL—a city not usually noted for its vacation potential—ranked 8th due to its weather and affordability. Louisville, KY and Charlotte, NC tied at 14th, bringing their vacation potential into the limelight.

The list included its fair share of snubs, as well. Miami ranked 20th, while other classic summertime cities like Honolulu and Orlando did not rank at all. While the list of best summer destinations did include a healthy mix of popular and not-so-popular cities, it’s difficult to overlook these mainstays as prime summertime vacation spots, especially as it pertains to the timeshare resale and rental markets.

To learn more about Travelocity’s Summer Vacation Index and ranking of their 2016 list, visit their website.