staySky Vacation Clubs Launches Your Way Product

staySky® Vacation Clubs recently expanded their product line to offer more flexibility for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of a vacation club membership without having to make a lifetime commitment. This new product is known as staySky® Your Way.

staySky® Your Way product offers all of the staySky® member benefits including the staySky® Escapes platform. The main difference is the length of membership commitment. Traditional staySky® memberships are 49 years or more, whereas staySky® Your Way is only 17.5 years.

Another benefit of the program allows members to opt-out of the use rights at every 35-month interval. If members can no longer afford to pay the annual maintenance fees, they can forgo their membership use rights and stop paying maintenance fees to keep their membership active. As another alternative, staySky® members can use their points to pay for their annual maintenance fees with the staySky® Escapes program.

This new program is ideal for those that want more freedom and travel flexibility without committing for life. It allows them to relish in staySky® member benefits without paying the full price.

staySky® members have the opportunity to use their points for vacation accommodations at any of the staySky® Vacation Clubs properties or by exchanging through their Interval International Golf membership program. Members can also enjoy upgrades, discounted travel opportunities, and access to various entertainment venues and tickets.

staySky® allows their members to be in control of their vacation experience with such a wide range of options available to them. To learn more, visit their official website.