RTX to Renew NTOA Partnership


Resort Travel & Exchange (RTX), a vacation exchange company, and the National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA), an organization formed to educate owners and potential owners about vacation timeshares, will renew their partnership, according to RTX.

RTX and NTOA will benefit each other by allowing one another to break into new markets and promoting each other. NTOA is the largest organization for timeshare owners and the company seeks to grow even larger, by expanding into Mexico in late 2017.

NTOA CEO Gregory Crist spoke about the RTX partnership:

“We are very excited about expanding our formal relationship with RTX to include joint programming and promotional support for our members in the U.S. and Canada. While we have done a lot of things together over the last few years, the new RTX exchange and rental platform along with their award-winning service is a true win-win for timeshare and vacation owners who enjoy traveling more frequently and like saving money.”

The partnership will allow NTOA members to receive discounted RTX memberships, including its Premium Plus membership. RTX and NTOA will also engage in outreach together, by creating a series of roadshows at locations across the United States, intended to educate owners.

RTX Director of Resort Partnerships Corina Violette offered the following statement:

“We are excited for the continued growth of our partnership with NTOA, and we are looking forward to fulfilling the potential that we have to educate our current members through this affiliation, while also offering our services to other NTOA members. The end goal of better informed and happier timeshare owners will benefit everyone.”

Additionally, RTX offers members a four-year deposit window, low exchange fees, discounts on hotels and air travel, and more. To learn more about RTX and its partnerships, visit their official website.