Bluegreen Vacations Is Expanding Its Virtual Reality Capabilities in 2018

Bluegreen Vacations

It’s never been easier for travelers to experience what it’s like at the amazing Bluegreen Vacation Club resorts—without ever having to get on a plane. Bluegreen Vacations has announced its next location for their custom-built, virtual reality (VR) experience in Springfield, Missouri, which is set to open in 2018.

The company has seen positive results come out of their first, pilot VR experience, which opened in Memphis, Tennessee within the Bass Pro Stops® at the Pyramid last year. The program is powered by Oculus Rift, and provides a self-guided tour of one of three Bluegreen resorts within their timeshare program. Users will have a chance to see their incredible accommodations, on-site amenities, and nearby attractions through stunning 360-degree videos.

Their newest installment can be found at the original Bass Pro Shops location, which also happens to be their biggest store. It will include three Oculus stations that will transport guests to their Big Cedar Resort where they can see their award-winning golf course, amusement park, nature and wildlife exhibit, and on-site spa. Vacations won’t need to look up Bluegreen getaway reviews when all they need to do is see and experience the resort’s beauty for themselves.

Bluegreen Vacations Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Famous Rhodes stated:

“VR technology allows travelers to immerse themselves in the great outdoors and Bluegreen Vacations resorts in a way that a static image simply can’t provide. Bluegreen continues to test and pilot new technologies for introducing the Bluegreen Vacations experience to the millions of consumers that walk through our partner retail stores and outlets. The evolution of our VR capabilities and the opening of our second public experience is a testament to our commitment to pursuing emerging technologies which can enhance our customers’ experience.”

To learn more about Bluegreen Vacations or their future in the VR industry, please visit their official website.