Interval International Receives ARDY Award for Technology Project Team

Interval International

Leading timeshare exchange company Interval International just received the ARDY Award for Technology Project Team at the annual ARDA World Convention in Las Vegas for their recent enhancements related to their amazing vacation exchange programs.

Interval International is a membership timeshare exchange program which has worked to make flexible timeshare vacationing easier than ever before. Recently, it has expanded and enhanced its Interval Options® program and the suites associated with it. In addition to giving their customers the option to exchange their timeshare week with other comparable timeshares around the world, their Interval Experiences program opens up exchanges to other amazing vacation amenities such as cruises, tours, golf, spa vacations, excursions, activities, and more.

Though they faced challenges regarding the new technology along the way, this launch has been extremely successful for the company and has surpassed predicted booking numbers. For this reason, Interval’s team of software developers, business analysts, user experience experts, and quality assurance specialists were presented with this technology award for their dedication and hard work to improving their customers experience both on their websites and during their vacations.

Interval International’s President and CEO Jeanette Marbert stated:

“We have a tenacious and resourceful team. They were laser-focused on delivering an outstanding customer experience and they did. We are thrilled they received this well-deserved recognition.”

Marbert also added:

“Our members are taking advantage of hotel exchange and the seamless access to thousands of additional quality properties afforded by this award-winning technology.”

Currently, Interval’s network is made up of over 3,200 resorts in over 80 countries. There are nearly 2 million timeshare owners who utilize the services they provide and have 15 offices in various countries around the world.

To learn more about Interval International and their various awards, please visit their official website.