Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific Boosts Sustainability Efforts

Wyndham Destinations is continuing to work on its commitment to the environment and sustainability through a new partnership with the City of Gold Coast (the City) in a food waste recycling trial. The City has already implemented a trial food waste recycling service to help its commercial customers divert waste from landfill.

This service lets participating businesses in important business districts to remove their food scraps from the general waste collection. Food waste collected is combined with the city’s green waste and made into certified organic compost. This compost is now being used in the Gold Coast parks and gardens.

Wyndham Surfers Paradise, located on the Gold Coast, has volunteered support of the program with the restaurant tenants in the same building. In the first quarter, they were able to create 2.5 tonnes of usable compost.

“We are proud to be a part of this fantastic initiative,” said Kaydee George, Area General Manager, Gold Coast at Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific, “We are committed to doing all we can to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve our beautiful natural resources long into the future.”

Wyndham Destination Asia Pacific has cut down its use of plastics immensely to focus on conserving resources and preserving natural habitats. They have also upped its emphasis on environmentally friendly technologies.

Their WYNDGreen program initiatives include completely banning balloon and plastic straws at Wyndham resorts and offices. Ben Perkins, Manager Sustainability, commented on these efforts:

“This has saved the planet from potentially damaging litter from balloons, which turtles are known to ingest when they are mistaken for jellyfish. Plastic straws, which are only used once are one of the most prevalent litter items in our oceans and by making this change we are saving the planet from approximately 400,000 plastic straws per annum.”

Reuable coffee cups are sold at the Canteen Social, Wyndham’s Golf Coast cafe. They also use BioPak plant-based cutlery and packaging. You can also recycle batteries and soft plastic at the stations set up across Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific resorts and sites. They are also saving thousands of sheets of paper through the use of digital signatures.

Part of the WYNDGreen program is asking various suppliers to be accountable for sustainability, such as not use plastic wrappers on individual biros and USBs delivered across the resort network.

Learn more about Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific and their sustainability efforts on their website.