’s Timeshare Resale and Rental Marketplace Produces Impressive Performance In 2020, the world’s most active online marketplace for timeshares for sale and for rent by owner, celebrates the strength of its timeshare resale and rental platform in the midst of a challenging year for the travel industry. In 2020, the Company drove more than 3.4 million visits to its family of websites, resulting in over 36,700 offers—totaling more than $170 million—to buy or rent timeshares on

The Company has delivered nearly double the purchase and rental offer value of its next closest competitor’s published offers over the past two years and more than $4.8 billion in offers to buy or rent timeshares advertised on its platform since it was founded in 2003.

“Last year showed us the resiliency of the timeshare resale market, of our customers, and of the vacation ownership product as a whole,” said Chad Newbold, CEO of SMTN and its parent company, Vacation Innovations. “Timeshare owners need a viable solution to help them transition out of their ownership when the time is right, or to offset the costs of ownership through rental, and we’re proud to offer an advertising and marketing platform specifically designed to help them do that.”

SMTN added nearly 10,000 new subscribers to its platform and completed nearly 9,000 timeshare sales over the past 12 months and expects this momentum to continue in 2021. To help drive interest during a decline in travel spending across the industry, the Company leveraged its expertise in advanced digital marketing strategies to connect with buyers planning for future vacations and emphasized reengagement with previous buyers and renters. The Company also added staff across all departments to further support the brand’s growth.

Focusing on adding more value and utility for subscribers, the Company launched SMTN Loyalty, a new members-only travel portal that provides subscribers ongoing access to below-OTA rates on travel including timeshare resort weeks, hotels, cruises, airfare, car rentals, and more, even after the subscriber’s timeshare sells. Looking to 2021, the Company will include SMTN Loyalty as a free benefit to all owner subscribers, and offer a complimentary week-long stay in Mexico, providing subscribers up to 12 months to redeem and travel.

Beyond resale, in 2020 launched the world’s largest point-and-click timeshare rental platform, featuring the most inventory and the only 100-percent reservation guarantee in the industry. With thousands of verified rentals at resorts around the world—more than four times most competitors—each booking is truly instant. Rather than waiting for a timeshare owner to confirm their reservation, travelers who book through SMTN receive instant confirmation of their rental booking. The Company has been the leader in timeshare rental for more than a decade and is focused on further expanding its resort rental offerings through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

“For anyone looking to experience the benefits of a timeshare resort vacation, rental is a great way to test out this style of travel. We’ve found that many customers use our rental platform to explore what vacation ownership has to offer before considering a purchase,” Newbold added. “Timeshare resorts have always been desirable, both to renters and buyers, for their spectacular amenities, in-unit kitchens, and generally larger accommodations. Providing ample opportunity for social distancing, and coupled with increased cleanliness protocols, these resorts are well-equipped to provide a safe and enjoyable stay.”

The timeshare industry is operating in a unique environment, with major developers reporting marked increases in sales for Q3 2020 as they recovered from a standstill in Q2. With the recent rollout of several new vaccines for COVID-19, as well as the resiliency of drive-to markets such as Orlando and Las Vegas, the recovery for the timeshare industry is underway.

Looking ahead to 2021, the Company shares the optimism of major timeshare developers that the travel sector will steadily return to normal, and that traveler activity, including among individuals looking to rent, buy, and sell timeshare on the secondary market, will continue to rise.


Founded in 2003, ( is the world’s most active online marketplace for the purchase and rental of timeshare interests. A subsidiary of Vacation Innovations, leverages advanced search engine optimization and other digital marketing strategies to maintain its position as a top-ranking global marketplace for timeshare resales and rentals, attracting over 2.8 million visits and over $219 million in purchase and rental offers to advertisers annually.

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Founded in 1999, Vacation Innovations ( is a leading provider of travel-related products, software and services. Leveraging advanced digital marketing strategies, sophisticated software solutions and decades of experience in vacation ownership, VI brings new vacation opportunities to a diverse audience of novice and seasoned travelers alike. The Vacation Innovations family of brands offers a wide range of travel services, including simplified resort rentals, online advertising and marketing products for by-owner timeshare sales and rentals, licensed timeshare brokerage and title transfer services, and customized owner services and product solutions for timeshare resorts, resort developers, HOAs and timeshare management companies.