’s Family of Websites Attracts over 5.8 Million Visits in 2016 has proved once more that it is truly the largest and most active online platform for users to sell, rent, and buy timeshares on the secondary market. 2016 was a record breaking year for web traffic— announced in their press release today—bringing in over 2.8 million visits alone, while its family of brands attracted more than 5.8 million visits in 2016.

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International Timeshare Appreciation Day

International Timeshare Appreciation Day

Saturday November 2, 2014 marks the 3rd annual International Timeshare Appreciation Day. Created by, International Timeshare Appreciation Day is a time for both the industry and owners to celebrate the world of timeshare.

Lisa Ann Schireier, the founder of and The Timeshare Crusader blog, started the holiday back in 2012. At the time Lisa said, “I invite people and organizations from around the world to join together and celebrate all the great things about timeshare… and there are many.” [Read more…]

The Staycation is Finally Dead

The Staycation is Finally Dead

A staycation in the backyard kiddie pool is not a real vacation.
A staycation in the backyard kiddie pool is not a real vacation.

Vacationing in your backyard is just not as much fun as many “experts” promised us it could be. When the economy tanked a few years back, American families found themselves eliminating non-essential expenditures in any way they could. Vacations were dismissed as luxury items that people either couldn’t fit in their budgets or were told they shouldn’t try to fit in the family budget during such uncertain economic times. Well-meaning life advisers attempted to sell weary consumers on the idea that a staycation was actually a viable alternative to taking a real holiday.

But as The Priceline Group  announced in a press release last month, it’s now time to say, “R.I.P. staycation.” Whether the US economy is actually any better or not doesn’t matter. Hard working American families are tired of pretending that the inflatable pool in the back yard is a real vacation fun.

According to Priceline, 83 percent of Americans plan to take a real vacation this year. This is no less than double what the number has been in recent years. Says Brian Ek, of Priceline, “Staycations were popular between 2007 and 2010, when economic uncertainty had many Americans concerned about their finances and their jobs. But anyone who’s tried a staycation finds out very quickly that it’s not very relaxing. There isn’t that clean break with everyday responsibilities and activities, like checking in at the office and doing household chores. A vacation away from home lets people truly disconnect from the daily grind and recharge.”

Timeshare Resale Vacations Help Pull the Plug on the Staycation Concept

Family vacations don’t have to implode the family budget. Timeshare resales have always been an option. And the truth is, as the economy has struggled, the number of resales available at deeply discounted prices has increased.

This doesn’t mean that every owner selling a timeshare is giving it away, but it does mean that for some properties and some seasons, families who want to buy a timeshare have many properties from which to choose, all at competitive prices.

Vacationing is one of part of life that should never be on the “expendable” list. Taking a vacation is too important to our health and well-being, and adds too much to our productivity and clarity of decision-making, to dismiss its value in our lives. and DAE Partner on New Timeshare Rental Opportunity and DAE Partner on New Timeshare Rental Opportunity

Exciting News from, a LLC brand and the leader in online timeshare resale, and
Exciting News from, a LLC brand and the leader in online timeshare resale, and

Today, the LLC companies of and announced exciting news. We are now just a little more then 30 days away from rolling out timeshare rental as no one in the timeshare and vacation ownership industry has ever been able to offer it. and DAE Partner on New Timeshare Rental Opportunity

EXETER, NH–( June 3, 2013) –, LLC brand and the leader in online timeshare resale, and is launching an unprecedented service for timeshare owners, management and travel consumers that is unprecedented in the industry. Starting July 8, 2013, vacationers will be able to rent discounted by-owner timeshares for weeklong luxury vacations backed by an accommodations guarantee assured through the’s project partner, Dial An Exchange (DAE). Dial An Exchange, the largest privately owned timeshare exchange company in the world, will ensure that the timeshare rentals week of stay booked online are guaranteed to be available at the time of arrival.

Until now, no company has ever effectively offered the assurance of a guarantee for all timeshare rentals. Making the process even more attractive is the fact that it will exclusively be available through the Vacation Ownership brand websites, and, offering the type of easy travel booking that vacationers already experience through other commonly known online travel websites. Timeshares rented through this new program will not be bound by the price parity restrictions that drive rental prices higher on traditional Online Travel Agency websites.

Fermin Cruz, Vice President North American Business, Dial An Exchange, says, “The service we are providing for the brands is part of our core competency. We see it as a perfect fit and a real value for renters, who will not have to worry if the owner has paid his maintenance fees, has already rented the unit, or has chosen to deposit the unit with an exchange service without taking down the rental listing. Until now, such problems were all valid concerns. The continued Online dominance of and coupled with DAE’s expertise will deliver a value benefit to the industry as a whole, breathing new life into the secondary market.”

In addition to benefiting vacationers who want to enjoy the amenities and spacious accommodations of timeshare resorts at excellent prices, the new timeshare rental program means timeshare owners will be better able to monetize their vacation ownership using it as a rental or using the real process as a marketing avenue to reach millions of prospective buyers that haven’t considered timeshare as an option.

Current owners will be able to use timeshare weeks, points or vacation club memberships as timeshare rentals.

Scott Roberts, CEO of explains, “Through advancements being implemented on the LLC websites, including and, timeshare owners will soon be able to get their resale properties in front of an extremely targeted and massive base of vacationers who have been previously under-marketed for timeshare rentals. This market includes millions of consumers who are already accustomed to the convenience of booking vacations online but who have never considered the value proposition, space and opportunity of timeshare.

Jason Tremblay, Founder of adds, “There are more than seven million timeshare owners in the United States with the vast majority eager to sell or rent their timeshare, especially when they can take advantage of a process this easy and effective. Timeshare owners will benefit from our company’s high-visibility platforms, enhanced with the same online booking ease consumers experience on popular travel sites.”

The OTA-style rental booking experience will be available on and on starting July 8, 2013. Tremblay describes the new timeshare rental booking platform as, “delivering what travelers and vacationers want by making it easy for them to book and confirm their vacation immediately, in the same easy way they are accustomed to booking airline reservations and other online travel services.”

About LLC. Originally founded in 2003 as Sell My Timeshare NOW, LLC has grown to include the brands Vacation Ownership Brokerage and As a proven leader in marketing, sales and rental of vacation ownership products, the company provides consumers with options for licensed vacation ownership brokerage and customized resort services through Vacation Ownership Brokerage. provides high visibility online advertising and the largest inventory of timeshare resales and rentals available on the web. offers owners and vacationers a revolutionary way to try before you buy timeshares at prices that compete with the online travel agencies. LLC has offices in Orlando, FL and Exeter, NH.