’s Family of Websites Attracts over 5.8 Million Visits in 2016 has proved once more that it is truly the largest and most active online platform for users to sell, rent, and buy timeshares on the secondary market. 2016 was a record breaking year for web traffic— announced in their press release today—bringing in over 2.8 million visits alone, while its family of brands attracted more than 5.8 million visits in 2016.

CEO of, Scott Roberts, commented on their impressive and continuous online success:

“Behind the scenes, our digital marketing experts ensure that our websites enjoy maximum visibility across multiple search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Today, it’s not uncommon to see ranking #1 for a timeshare-related search query, followed immediately by one—or sometimes several—of our other websites, ensuring that when buyers and travelers search for these resorts and products, our clients’ ads are the first they find.”

For the second year straight, has more than $269 million confirmed purchase and rental offers. This resulted in a total of 63,675 confirmed offered in 2016. Owners looking to sell their timeshares should know that the dollar value on confirmed purchase offers increased more than 8% from the last year.

Timeshare owners that choose to advertise their timeshare within’s marketplace are the first to be offered outside opportunities to monetize their ownership through’s partnerships in the resale industry. 53,570 inquiries were forwarded in 2016 with specific purchase or rental interest (but no dollar value) to timeshare owners. This shows 97% growth over the past year.

“We’ve seen an increase in requests from third-party vendors and individuals for specific resale and rental inventory,” says Chad Newbold, President of “When a partner approaches us seeking a specific property or properties, we pass this type of inquiry to our subscribers first, who can elect to pursue or decline these opportunities independently. Many of our subscribers have successfully negotiated the transfer or sale of their timeshares in this manner, while others—some who had previously never considered renting their intervals—received cash in exchange for the use of their week.” not only assists timeshare owners who no longer want or need their vacation ownership properties, but also those who are search of a better way to vacation. The website offers a modern shopping experience for both buyers and renters, while also offering the most extensive inventory of resales and rentals anywhere online. Currently, has over 60,000 timeshares for sale and more than 8,000 timeshares available for rent. It’s easy for prospective travelers to find their ideal timeshare all on one platform. The website also features a selection of rentals that can be booked online, similar to reserving a hotel room straight from its website.

This summer, looks forward to launching a completely redesigned site with new features and benefits for timeshare owners using the company’s advertising and marketing service. It will also feature upgraded tools, features, and educational resources for interested sellers, buyers and renters.

You can learn more about and the services they offer by visiting their website. Read the full press release here.