Celebrates 20 Years as Leader in Timeshare Resale, the world’s largest and most active online marketplace for timeshares for sale and for rent by owner, celebrates its 20th anniversary as a leading resource for buyers, sellers, and renters of timeshare. SMTN has delivered more than $5.3 billion in offers to timeshare owners since it was founded in July 2003 and continues to drive innovation in the timeshare resale market.

The Company has shown consistent growth throughout its history, providing an essential service for consumers and fueling the evolution of the timeshare secondary market. Since Q1 2021 alone, SMTN has delivered record levels of activity, with almost 130,000 offers totaling more than $680 million to buy or rent timeshare on its marketplace—the largest volume over any similar period in the company’s 20-year history. This record activity has followed the trend of increased sales and occupancy reported by most major timeshare developers over the same period, pointing to a robust level of consumer interest in the timeshare product.

“This milestone is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our exceptional teams, the support of our valued industry partners, and the trust of our customers,” said Bryan Rand, President of SMTN and its parent company, Vacation Innovations. “We’ve been highly focused on producing results for our clients and guiding our segment of the timeshare industry for the past 20 years and will continue pushing boundaries well into the future.”

From its inception, SMTN recognized the potential of a digital platform that would not only streamline timeshare resale transactions but also create a global marketplace for individuals looking to rent, buy, and sell timeshare on the secondary market. The Company focused on driving buyers to its marketplace which, in turn, attracted owners looking to sell or rent. As part of this strategy, SMTN has boldly embraced technology to provide the industry’s most comprehensive transaction support, fundamentally reshaping the landscape of timeshare resales and establishing an enduring legacy of innovation. The Company and its affiliated brands also serve as strong partners to the industry, having paid more than $150 million in maintenance fees directly to developers over the lifetime of the organization.

“For 20 years, we’ve been serving a critical need within the industry and have helped introduce a new generation of travelers to timeshare, processing significantly more transactions than any other company in the secondary market,” said Chad Newbold, CEO of SMTN and its parent company, Vacation Innovations. “We’re incredibly proud to reach this milestone anniversary and remain committed to serving as strong partners to the industry and providing our customers with tailored solutions as timeshare continues to evolve.”

As the Company commemorates its 20th anniversary, SMTN extends sincere appreciation to its valued community of clients, partners, and dedicated employees, all of whom have played integral roles in shaping the industry and the success of the organization. The Company remains committed to investing in and enhancing its technology, marketing, products, and services and continues to add new staff across all departments to further support the brand’s growth. With a solid commitment to shaping the future of timeshare resales, SMTN looks forward to what the next decades of innovation will bring.

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