Thank Goodness There is No Mini Bar in Your Timeshare Unit

Thank Goodness There is No Mini Bar in Your Timeshare Unit

The Upgrade: Travel Better Blog recently wrote about a topic we’ve discussed here before in the Timeshare Owners Blog…the dreaded mini-bar.

The luxurious Wynn hotel in Las Vegas has apparently taken mini bar insanity to a whole new level. As many of you know, and we have talked about before here in the Timeshare Owners Blog, some hotel mini bars have motion detectors that charge you for mini bar items that you don’t consume, but just touch or slightly move within the fridge.

Stay in timeshare resales when you travel and avoid mini bar overcharges

The Wynn however, (according to the Upgrade: Travel Better Blog), now employs the same strategy with regard to items that are located outside the mini bar. Snacks are offered on a tray in the hotel guest’s room. There is a written warning that the food sits on an electronic scale and that moving it means you bought it. Unfortunately that apparently also applies to accidently bumping it or casually picking up the snack to inspect it. And what happens if you do intend to pick up one snack to purchase, but in the process cause movement of other items on the tray? Well, apparently you have bought those too, whether or not you really want them. But don’t take my word for it, click here to see the actual photo of cookies at the Wynn.

Crazy? Sounds that way to me. So my suggestion is this: when you travel, rent timeshare or use timeshare weeks you own so that you can enjoy the benefits of a full and functional in-suite kitchen, without trying to pull off a balancing act every time you get near the mini bar.

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