ARDA CEO Howard Nusbaum To Speak At Timeshare And Fractional Conference GNEX 2013

ARDA CEO Howard Nusbaum To Speak At Timeshare And Fractional Conference GNEX 2013

Howard Nusbaum to speak at timeshare and fractional conference
Howard Nusbaum to speak at timeshare and fractional conference

Howard Nusbaum, President and CEO for the American Resort Development Association, will speak at the 2013 GNEX timeshare and fractional conference, scheduled for February 3-6, 2013 at the Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel.

Nusbaum, who will speak at GNEX on his views of the the timeshare industry from his unique position as the leader of the industry’s largest vacation ownership trade association, says, “I am excited to address GNEX attendees as we sit at a unique moment in the world of vacation ownership. A re-calibrated model born of the lessons learned from the impact of a worldwide recession is now better poised than ever, with a more sustainable business platform as well as pent up consumer demand.” Enthusiastic for the future of timeshare and vacation ownership, Nusbaum adds, “Positive winds from global growth coupled with exciting new products and marketing channels brings us to the dawn of the golden age of timeshare.”

Howard Nusbaum leads the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), the Washington D.C.-based professional association that represents the timeshare, vacation ownership, and resort development industries. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the U.S. Travel Association and its Executive Committee, and is a member of the Real Estate Roundtable, a Washington D.C. advocacy organization for all types of real estate.

He is the past Director of Corporate and Industry Relations for the American Hotel & Lodging Association; past Executive Vice President of the Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association; and former Vice President of Marketing for Janus Hotels and Resorts.

Timeshare and Fractional Event Brings Together Thought Leaders of Industry

This year’s GNEX 2013 will be the third annual timeshare and fractional industry event, presented by Perspective Magazine. GNEX 2013 – The Global Meeting of Minds, will include speakers, networking sessions, panels, and the Perspective Magazine Awards  presentation and will bring together thought leaders and industry executives for an exchange of ideas and a time of relationship building.

For more information about GNEX 2013, go to: Perspective Magazine


Chicago Title Timeshare and Fidelity National Title in Partnership

Chicago Title Timeshare and Fidelity National Title in Partnership

Fidelity National Title Group and Chicago Title Timeshare Join Forces
Fidelity National Title Group and Chicago Title Timeshare Join Forces

Two cornerstone names in timeshare real estate have joined forces with Fidelity National Title Group and Chicago Title Timeshare announcing the formation of an alliance. The new alliance was announced this week:

Fidelity National Title Group and Chicago Title Timeshare Join Forces

Fidelity National Title Group (Maitland, FL) and Chicago Title Timeshare (Escondido, CA) have formed an alliance to be known as Fidelity National Timeshare (FNT). The two entities have joined forces to strengthen their service and respond better to the needs of an ever-changing timeshare industry. The new relationship enhances the company’s ability to serve the industry through its existing East and West Coast office and is dedicated solely to working within the timeshare and shared ownership arena. Grant Miller, Vice President and Executive Director of Fidelity National Timeshare said “Creating this new alliance provides an unmatched collection of products and services the industry has always desired, but never seen before.

“We are also excited about the possibilities to offer a better-integrated bicoastal servicing approach for existing and new clients,” he continued.

“For years, the industry has encouraged us to join forces to become a single source of solution-based products and services,” said Rob Cohen Senior Vice President of Fidelity National Timeshare. “We have now come together to make it a reality. We have been and will continue to be a subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial, Inc. (NYSE: FNF), which is the only company within the title insurance industry to be recognized on the Fortune 500 list.”

“We understand the nuances of both deeded and non-deeded interests including timeshares, points-based clubs, travel clubs, fractional, shared ownership properties and private residence clubs. We know that every project is unique and requires specialized support from its title insurance and escrow partner,” said JoAnn Lockard, Vice President and Division Counsel “FNT will continue to remain committed to our customers, innovating and improving our services to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the industry.”

To service the complex needs of the timeshare industry and its global footprint, the new group will maintain offices in California and Florida. For more information:

Timeshare Brokerage Growing and Hiring

Timeshare Brokerage Growing and Hiring

Hiring Timeshare Brokers
Looking for Licensed Real Estate Brokers who want to Sell Timeshare.

We are hiring! What better news is there to share in the timeshare brokerage and vacation ownership industry? You may have already seen our ads for timeshare sales applicants. If not, here is more information:

      • We are hiring real estate sales professionals for our Florida offices. The office location is 8680 Commodity Circle, Sand Lake (Orlando) Florida 32819.
      • We have 5 openings for Timeshare Brokers. Requirement: all applicants must have a valid Florida Real Estate license (sorry, no exceptions).
      • Here’s some of what we offer our timeshare brokerage employees: Guaranteed income; PTO; Health/Dental/Disability; Convenient schedule with no weekends; and Ongoing training.

Who Is Right for this Timeshare Brokerage Job?

To apply for this job you must have a Florida Real Estate license. You must also have a high level of integrity, a willingness to learn, and a strong work ethic. You will be working among some of the most successful timeshare real estate brokers in the industry, so be coachable, be ready to learn from the best, and come into this job with a proven ability to close sales.

Our clients at Timeshare Broker Services and have vacation ownership property  they want to move. For any number of reasons from age, to health, to income changes, relocation, changes in marital status, and even the desire to sell timeshare so they can buy a timeshare at another resort, our sellers want their timeshare sold—that’s why they picked our company to handle their transaction. We respect our clients, their desire to see their timeshare sold, and their objectives as the seller. You should only apply for this position if you want to be part of a highly successful, transparent, customer-centric timeshare brokerage.

Why Real Estate Brokers Choose to be Timeshare Brokerage Professionals

Frank G. Laroche, the company’s Director of Brokerage Sales explains, “When you join this company, you immediately recognize it’s like no other company out there. We are a progressive growth company and our success comes from uncommon performance. If you want to make sales and close real estate, then you want to be here because we sell timeshare … the numbers tell the story.”

Frank adds, “Our timeshare brokers have the opportunity to touch a lot of clients on any given day due to our resale inventory and our strong internet presence. We offer pay, training, and qualified warm leads and while a timeshare and vacation ownership background may be helpful, our training is so good, it’s not necessary coming in, but strong ethics and a Florida Real Estate license—those are absolutely required.”

If you are interested in learning more, contact 603-205-9257. And read The Timeshare Authority Blog again tomorrow when we’ll be talking with more timeshare brokers at Timeshare Broker Services and about why they love this opportunity to sell timeshare and what it’s like to work in a timeshare brokerage that never makes cold calls.

Timeshare Real Estate and Your Inheritence

Timeshare Real Estate and Your Inheritence

Timeshare Real Estate and Your Family
Timeshare Real Estate and Your Family

There’s a growing trend you may not be aware of; it’s call inheritance travel. Despite the challenges of the current economy, there are still individuals who have the capacity to set up trust funds—sometimes substantial ones– for their heirs. A growing number of these wealthy individuals are creating legacy travel trusts, which are funds set aside solely for travel experiences. Ironically although the inheritance of unwanted timeshares is not always appreciated, when planned with forethought,  timeshare real estate can be an ideal way for even moderate income individuals to leave their love ones a travel inheritance.

The trend toward inheritance travel is becoming so defined that in some cities you will find law firms and travel agencies working collaboratively on the services they offer their clients. As one attorney points out, when you leave cash to your heirs that money is exposed to divorce, your heir’s creditors, and other circumstances that make it vulnerable. Additionally a cash inheritance can be spent in ways that the family member leaving the legacy never intended and would never wish to support. A travel inheritance is one way to ensure that the money you leave behind is spent in ways with which you would  feel comfortable.

A travel inheritance can come with stipulations and they can be as many or as few as the person leaving the legacy wants to create. Often the individual making the bequest will have the intent of keeping his children connected to each other through travel, inspiring a trip to a family’s homeland, or encouraging a religious pilgrimage.

But what if you don’t have so much money to leave behind that you can set up a trust fund that will earn sufficient interest and not be soon depleted? This is when willing  timeshare real estate to your heirs can be an excellent option.

What to Consider Before You Will Your Timeshare Real Estate to Your Heirs

Before you even consider leaving someone the responsibility of a timeshare, you should first recognize that many of the timeshares that wind up on the timeshare resale market today are timeshares that were acquired as part of an inheritance.

  • An inherited timeshare is not an appreciated legacy if the recipient can’t afford the resort’s annual fees, or the travel to the resort.
  • Not all timeshares can be bequeathed to someone else. Read your deed or ask your home resort if you are uncertain whether your timeshare is owned as real property that can be left to your heirs.
  • Don’t try to surprise someone with the gift of timeshare. Ask them if they would like to inherit the property or membership. If you already own the property, you might  gift them the use of one of your timeshare weeks so they can experience the resort for themselves and decide if your gift would be right for them.
  • Be meticulous in weighing the positives and negatives. Timeshare is a great way for families to vacation together and ideal for special events such as reunions. But timeshare is not right for everyone, and may not be right for the way your heirs like to vacation.
  • If you are able, consider, setting up a trust fund to cover your heir’s annual timeshare fees and even travel costs to the resort.
  • Also consider the flexibility  and overall desirability of the timeshare itself before you leave it to someone else. Look at the potential for timeshare resale should your heirs one day wish or need to sell the property. No timeshare currently resells for as much as it did initially but some resorts and resort brands resale more easily than do others.

Timeshare as an inheritance gift can either be deeply appreciated or an unwanted responsibility. Talk to your attorney or financial planner in making your decision. If you make careful choices, the gift of timeshare can be an affordable way to pass on to your loved ones a legacy of great vacations and time shared together.