The Lowdown on Condo-Hotels and Private Residence Clubs

The two hottest trends in timeshares today, condo-hotels and private residence clubs will occupy a prominent place in the timeshare landscape for years to come.

It seems like everyone’s been talking about condo-hotels and private residence clubs, but these concepts are new enough that few timeshare owners know what they are. What differentiates these concepts from traditional timeshares?

An article on points to a .pdf file by Timo B. Jones, CEO of a company called TimeShareWare. TimeShareWare provides software products for resort companies, and their website can be found at In this article, Mr. Jones sheds light on the distinguishing characteristics of both condo-hotels and private residence clubs, and suggested that existing customer relationship management technologies might not be flexible enough to accommodate all the nuances of these new types of timeshares.

Anyone who has ever tried to check into his/her hotel and heard “…we rented out your room and we have nothing else available” would find this article of interest. If a resort’s CRM software is outdated, customer service snafus could easily ensue.