Donald Trump’s Controversial Golf and Timeshare Resort in Aberdeen, Scotland Part II.

Part II on Donald Trump’s plans for developing a Timeshare and Golf Resort in Scotland.

(Part I to this blog post appeared on June 11, 2007)

Donald Trump’s plans sound fabulous for the construction of new golf courses, a hotel and a timeshare resort that would mean a substantial boost to the local economy and job market near Aberdeen, Scotland. But Scotland’s Daily Record quoted Robin Payne, the Grampian area manager, as saying, “SSSIs (sites of special scientific interest) are established to protect the most important 10 to 12 percent of Scotland’s natural heritage and our duty is to have regard for that on behalf of all of Scotland’s people.”

As global consciousness for protecting our environment heightens, we must all come to terms with the fact that we can’t keep negatively impacting our planet and expect it to continue to sustain our growing population. Yet with a potential 6,000 jobs in the offering, it is increasing difficult to know where and when to draw the line.

Ironically, the Trump Organization and many environmental groups have found themselves united on one front—both groups have objected to an offshore wind farm proposed by Aberdeen Renewable Energy Corporation. Trump’s opposition to the wind farm is that the turbines would spoil the ocean views from parts of the golf courses and timeshare villas. Environmental groups object to the wind farm because they view its offshore location as seriously detrimental to aquatic life. The quoted conservation organization spokesperson, James Reynolds, as saying, “The cold shallow seas off the Aberdeenshire coast play host to hundreds of thousands of seabirds, ducks and divers…the complete coastal strip is like a motorway of birds, streaming from nesting areas to offshore feeding grounds…In the sea, pods of bottle-nosed and white-beaked dolphins follow the shoals.”

How paradoxical that the resort developer and the conservationists both find themselves objecting to plans for an “environmentally positive source of renewable energy.”

As with other developing topics related to timesharing, I promise to keep you informed as more information is available. In the meantime, there are fabulous opportunities for a timeshare vacation in Scotland at timeshare resorts including:

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