A Real Independence Day When You Sell Timeshare You No Longer Use

Independence Day

Timeshare is a great way to vacation—if you actually use it. But according to figures recently released by ARDA, the American Resort Development Association, only 35.8 percent of timeshare owners surveyed personally used their timeshare intervals or timeshare units themselves, during the last twelve months.

Does that mean it is a bad idea to buy timeshare?

Not at all!

A high percentage (47.4 percent) of the timeshare owners surveyed either exchanged or banked their timeshare vacation, meaning they traded their interval for a different week or different location, or they arranged to hopefully use their timeshare at a future date. But let’s face it. Life changes. Vacation ownership may have been an excellent idea once upon a time, but career changes, marriage, divorce, illness, financial challenges—a whole litany of things can make it reasonable to sell your timeshare.

When you sell timeshare you already own, you put an immediate end to ongoing maintenance fees and any taxes you may be paying. You no longer have to think about trying to rent your timeshare to recoup these fees, or even a timeshare exchange, on the chance you will get to enjoy your timeshare interval at a future date.

When you sell timeshare, you end a commitment that may no longer be right for you. You also free yourself up to buy timeshare that may be much better priced than your original purchase, because this time, you know that the best timeshare deals are on the resale market. When you sell a timeshare that does not work for you, your free yourself to buy timeshare that affords you the flexibility your lifestyle demands.

Let’s face it. There is simply no reason to hold on to a timeshare vacation property that you no longer use and enjoy. Declare July 4, 2007 as your own personal independence day and take advantage of the easiest and most effective way to resell timeshare. Let a timeshare resale by-owner service with a vast global outreach help you market, advertise, and SELL your timeshare.