Yes, You Can Take Your Pet on Your Timeshare Vacation

After updating you in yesterday’s Timeshare Owners Blog about the idea of timeshare ownership of a dog, it seems a good time to talk again about timeshare vacationing with a dog, or for that matter, a cat, or other favorite pet.

Timeshare with your pets

Many timeshares do not permit you to bring your pet. The reasons for this are easy to see. Pets have been known to damage property and pets at a resort increase the resort’s liability that someone will be injured because they have been bitten, scratched, clawed, or even just knocked down by a friendly Fido. Timeshare owners and guests with allergies are entitled to know with complete assurance that they will be staying in a pet-free timeshare unit. Even thorough cleaning is not always enough to remove the residual traces of pet hair or pet dander that could trigger serious responses in people who have pet-related allergies.

But for everyone who loves his or her pet and hates to leave it behind while the rest of the family enjoys a timeshare holiday, it is important to know that timesharing with your pet is an option at select resorts. When you take your pet along on vacation, you, other family members, and your pet, do not have to deal with separation anxiety. According to statistics reported in the Miami Herald, on a survey conducted by, 77 percent of the pet owners surveyed say they take their animals with them when they leave town and that 63 percent would be more likely to lengthen their stay if they could take their pets with them.

Another advantage to traveling with your pet is that you avoid the cost of boarding your dog or cat, which if you own several pets, could be the deal breaker between whether or not a vacation fits into the family budget.

If you are planning a vacation with your pet, start by confirming that the timeshare resort selected permits pets and that they will have a pet-friendly timeshare unit available for you. Before you leave home, schedule a visit to the vet and make sure your pet is healthy for travel and up to date on all vaccinations and shots. It is a good idea to take along your pet’s favorite brand of food, as well as items that are familiar to it, like a feeding dish and blanket or bedding.

The website for “Bring Your Pet” offers many good suggestions for traveling with your favorite animals.

On the Sell My Timeshare NOW website you will find a wide selection of resorts where you can rent or buy timeshare resales that are pet-friendly. The links below are only a few of the many choices: