Say Aloha to a Hawaii Timeshare Vacation

I spent a week recently on the Timeshare Owners Blog posting about pet friendly timeshares, a timeshare version of dog-ownership, and a few other comments about man’s (and woman’s) best feline or fido friends, so I thought I was through writing about pets for a while.

But apparently recent news events about mistreatment and abuse of animals has made us all think about how much our pets mean to us.

Over on the Boomer Blog, Amanda Sobanet wrote an interesting post about how much baby boomers enjoy traveling with their pets and the “tender loving care” some resorts are showing to their pet guests. She notes especially the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Central Park and W Hotels, which offer aromatherapy for pets and special dog treats from the chef.

Hawaii timeshare resale vacations

According to Kitty Bean Yancey of the Hotel Hotsheet on USA Today, the Kahala Hotel on Oahu provides perhaps the most creative pet lover’s holiday perks. Pet guests at the Kahala are greeted with leis, provided a customized pet bed, personal dish, and peanut butter biscuits created by the hotel’s chef. But here’s where the resort really goes over the top: the Kahala offers cultural enrichment for your dog by teaching it basic commands in Hawaiian.

…Maybe that’s more perks than even the most devoted pet lovers expect.

Right now there are roughly 80 Hawaii timeshare resorts advertised as by-owner resales at Sell My Timeshare NOW. If you have always meant to take that Hawaiian vacation, (with or without your pet) here are a few of the excellent opportunities in Hawaii timeshare resale and Hawaii timeshare rentals:

Hawaii timeshare resale vacations