Planning Your Orlando Timeshare Vacation

For many people, September means that children are back in school and there will be no more extended vacation trips until the next school holiday. But for others, September is a great time to take advantage of vacation destinations, when weather is sometimes cooler and crowds are always smaller.

In case you are considering an Orlando timeshare vacation and a trip to Walt Disney World, here’s a good link to news about the Disney parks. You’ll notice that the AllEarsNet, also suggest September as a wonderful time to enjoy Disney and all the Orlando attractions.

And if you are going to Orlando—the timeshare capital of the world—then by all means look into the excellent opportunities in Orlando timeshare resales and Orlando timeshare rentals, whether you choose a Disney timeshare or one of the many other Orlando timeshare resorts in the Orlando-Kissimmee vacation area.

Here’s some other interesting information about Orlando, as you segue from summer into fall: On the TechDirt website, one of the forum readers recently made an interesting observation about Disney’s use of the Segway (those two-wheeled, battery-powered individual people transporters). As the writer pointed out: “…best use of Segways has got to be by parking lot attendants, especially at places like Disney World. These people walk back and forth, up and down the rows directing cars to their parking spaces. On a Segway, they’re still tall enough to be seen.”

Segways, produced by a company based right here in New Hampshire, work so well in busy tourist destinations that the City of Orlando plans to invest nearly one million dollars on Segways for “city ambassadors” who will wheel around the downtown area, providing information and assistance to tourists.

Sadly, the EPCOT Tour once offered to park guests, which included rental and use of a Segway, was discontinued. Now only park employees get to enjoy buzzing around the Disney parks on two-wheels