Tourism and Timeshares Not Feeling Stock Market Dip

Here’s some good news on the economy for a change.

According to an article in Hotels Magazine published earlier this month, the members of the International Panel of Experts that assist the World Tourism Organization have shared their opinion that the unstable US housing market has not, “at this stage had an appreciable effect on world tourism demand.”

Timeshares not affected by tightening of economic belt

The stock market has been a wild rollercoaster lately and the housing market has simply been in a downhill plunge. But according to the findings of the World Tourism Organization, families are trying to make sure that they still take vacations to their favorite resorts and timeshare destinations. Perhaps the objective is to create stress relief and a much-needed psychological boost despite financial losses and stressors in other areas.

The article went on to point out that in terms of vacation and travel, Baby Boomers (known for being a cornerstone of the timeshare and timeshare resale markets) typically are not being impacted by escalating mortgage payments. Boomers are in a good place in their lives to enjoy vacations and take advantage of great timeshares and timeshare rentals.

If you want to sell timeshare you already own, this research from the World Tourism Organization is good news. It tells you that regardless of the ups and downs in the financial sector, people are still eager to take vacations and to enjoy fabulous timeshare resorts. On the other hand, the tightening of the nation’s economic belt, may be just the impetus needed to send some prospective timeshare buyers to more careful shopping and a new interest in the opportunities in timeshare resales.

Use this link to view the World Tourism report in entirety.