The Timing is Right to Sell Timeshare to Canadians

When the Federal Reserve cut (finally) the prime interest rate a few weeks ago, it brought a small measure of relief to many consumers and homeowners struggling with high interest rates and adjustable mortgages that just keep adjusting.

The down side is that it caused the weakening US dollar to decline a bit more. The value of the Euro is now over $1.40 (US) and the Canadian Loonie—for the first time in over 30 years-is equal in value to the US dollar.

Current US timeshare owners, who want to sell timeshare, can expect strong interest than from potential timeshare buyers in Canada.

Canadian tourists and vacationers have always enjoyed heading south to relax in the more temperate climate US vacation destinations offer. Now the changing economy has created more reason than ever for Canadians to buy timeshare or buy timeshare resales in the United States.

For so many years, Canadians could only buy timeshare resales with Loonies that traded weakly against the US dollar. Now, American timeshare owners who want to sell timeshare can look to a Canadian market that is able to compete on a level playing field with American consumers for the great deals available in timeshare resales or timeshare rental.

So far, the declining US dollar has not significantly hurt tourism in America. And while it does not bode well long term for those who earn their incomes in US dollars, the soft economy has served as a welcome mat for many European and Canadian visitors.

In the Canadian based blog, The National Post, Douglas Porter comments on the fact that Canada has been slow to adjust retail prices to better reflect the strength of the Loonie against the dollar, another factor that will contribute to the attractiveness of US timeshare resales for Canadian consumers.

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