It’s Good To Be an Un-Big Timeshare Company

A small regional advertising campaign is attracting lots of national attention lately with a series of short, extremely simple newspaper ads and television commercials. The ads are for First Community Bank; a bank with nine branches in and around Mobile, Alabama-branches located in communities like Citronelle, Zeigler Corners and other places with which most of us are not familiar.

The reason the advertisements of this small bank are in the limelight is the distinctive simplicity of their style and message: “We are an UN_BIG bank.” First Community takes a lot of pride in the fact that when you call them, real people answer the phone and provide you real service.

Isn’t it funny that this simple approach stands out so much, that it is earning kudos and awards (including a prestigious Telly) for the ad agency behind it? “UN_BIG” resonates a message we all appreciate, namely, “you won’t get lost in the shuffle here.”

Sell My Timeshare NOW is a leader in timeshare resale and timeshare rental. We help timeshare owners from all over the world advertise and market their properties when they want to sell timeshare or use their vacation ownership as a timeshare rental. We create a global marketplace with a vast inventory offering exciting options to buy timeshare or rent timeshare, and I frequently write about our amazing growth as a timeshare resale and timeshare rental advertising and marketing company.

But that doesn’t change the fact that, we are still just 85 friendly, personable, hard-working people here in Dover, New Hampshire. We offer services in a BIG way from a company that can truly be described as “un-big”. We are not one of those big-name timeshare companies whose representatives stop you on the street and try to convince you to spend the next three hours listening to their timeshare deal.

We figure you can decide for yourself whether you want to buy timeshare or sell timeshare. Our job is to make it easy for you to do what you know is right for you. Big service, but no middlemen, no hidden fees, no smoke, mirrors, complicated language, and never any arm twisting.