Rental Assist Program Puts $18 Million in the Hands of Timeshare Owners

Sell My Timeshare NOW has launched a new program called, “Rental Assist.”

Many vacationers and travelers already know that renting timeshare is an excellent way to enjoy spacious accommodations at great resorts. After all, why not stay in a timeshare where you are likely to have a full kitchen (sometimes with in-suite washers and dryers) and dining space for the family? Instead of renting multiple hotel or motel rooms, why not rent a timeshare that sleeps four, six, even eight or ten? Most families today no longer share one bathroom and one TV at home, so why do it when you go on vacation?

Renting timeshare is a true win-win for both the timeshare renter and the timeshare owner who uses his vacation property as a rental. If you cannot use your timeshare right now, and you can’t or don’t wish to bank it, then it only makes sense to use it as a timeshare rental. Timeshare owners offset some of the ongoing costs of owning timeshare. Vacationers who want to rent rather than buy timeshare, get to enjoy the accommodations and amenities of a luxurious timeshare resort.

Renting Timeshare at Sell My Timeshare NOW

So far this year, offers to rent timeshare at Sell My Timeshare NOW have exceeded $18 million—and remember that is not money that goes to a timeshare developer, a timeshare management company, or even to us at Sell My Timeshare NOW—this is money that goes straight to the person or couple that owns the timeshare.

But Rental Assist is only going to make renting timeshare even better. We are taking our timeshare rental services to the next level by offering in-house matching services for timeshare owners who want to use their timeshare as a rental and vacationers who want to enjoy renting timeshare at competitive prices.

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