Are You Ready for Time Share, The Movie?

Are you ready for Time Share, the movie?

Have you heard that Nicholas Cage and Will Smith are making a movie about a timeshare resort, titled, (what else?) “Time Share“? I hadn’t heard about it either. But then I was not familiar with a movie by the same name that came out in 2000, until I started looking for more on the new version scheduled to be released next year.

The first movie was a made for TV love story starring Nastassja Kinski and Timothy Dalton and is described as a romantic comedy in which two single parents and their children must share a timeshare rental during their vacation.

Basically the plot for the Cage-Smith version of Time Share is the same, except the stars are married men who, along with their families, find themselves scheduled for the same week, in the same timeshare rental during what was supposed to be for each family, their dream vacation. And of course, in this comedic version of Time Share, the two stars do not fall in love and live happily ever after.

Early reports are that this script is quite funny and that both Nicolas Cage and Will Smith were eager to do a movie together. Besides starring in the film, Cage and Smith are producing it along with a few other well-known Hollywood film backers.

According to IMDb, which I think is the go-to standard for movie information for most people these days, as of last summer, the movie was categorized as being ‘in production’. This means that the details, including the timeline for release, are subject to change.

And while I assume that in the real world, the chances of two people being scheduled into the same timeshare unit at the same time are highly unlikely, I suppose anything is possible. For this to happen, anywhere but in the movies, you would need a major booking snafu, a timeshare resort at 100 percent occupancy, and no option for the overbooked timeshare resort to relocate one of the guests to a nearby resort.

So has this ever really happened to anyone? Have you ever arrived at a timeshare resort, only to find it already occupied? The Timeshare Owners Blog would love to hear your story…

Here is a very funny Japanese commercial featuring Nicholas Cage, which you may not have seen on American TV.

And of course, the trailer to Will Smith’s newest movie, I Am Legend.