Why Timeshares Make so Much Sense for Your Holiday Travel

Have you thought about what is driving travel costs higher and higher?

Let’s see, there’s the increase in fuel prices that you feel every time you pump gas, buy an airline ticket, or board a bus. There’s also the way this increase gets passed on to you in the rising cost of food, durable goods, and other products that are likewise feeling the increase in transportation and delivery costs.

But in the midst of what seems to be a very shaky economy, business travel is booming. As reported previously in the Timeshare Owners Blog, the Global Business Travel Report, released in October by American Express Travel, show that the demand for business travel has increased in 2007 and will continue in rise in 2008. This increase will drive the cost of everything from airline tickets to car rentals to hotels rooms even higher—in some cases, as much as 14 percent.

Yesterday, Sell My Timeshare NOW issued a news release addressing these mounting increases, and explaining that the rising cost of travel, particularly hotel accommodations, is one of several reasons timeshare sales, timeshare resales, and timeshare rentals continue to grow. You cannot do much to fight back against the rising cost of airline tickets or even meals you eat in restaurants, but you really can create your own personal hedge against inflation when you buy timeshare or buy timeshare resales.

Why It Makes So Much Sense to Buy Timeshare or Rent Timeshare

Buy timeshare and you lock in today’s price for lodging for as long as you own the timeshare. You can use your timeshare interval, exchange it for other dates and locations, or even use it as a timeshare rental when you don’t need it yourself. Businesses can use a timeshare condo for business travel, as a reward for key employees, or as a perk they share with favorite clients. In fact, the numbers of ways that people use and enjoy timeshare are varied and creative.

Fight back. Timeshare resale and timeshare rental are a cost effective way for you to travel during the upcoming holidays, for your next family vacation and weekend getaway, or any time you travel for business. Before you even think about booking a hotel room, you owe it to yourself and your wallet to visit Sell My Timeshare NOW and take a serious look at all the opportunities available in timeshare rental.