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Rediff India Abroad is an online news source that deals with news and events not only within India but also news that specifically relates to people of Indian heritage living in all parts of the world. They recently ran a detailed article looking at both the pros and the cons of India timeshares.

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The article is titled, “Timeshare holidays? Be careful!” and from that title, you would think the writers had nothing good to say about timeshare real estate. Instead, Nikhil Menon and Anagh Pal, who write a segment called “Outlook Money”, not only end their research with a positive assessment of timeshare sales, but also provide their readers sound advice about the decision to buy timeshare.

Whether you are interested in India timeshare, US timeshare, or timeshare resorts anywhere else in the world, I highly recommend you take a few moments and read this article.

Here are just a few of the tips Menon and Pal pass on to their readers:

“Before you sign up

  1. Verify the reputation of the company and experiences of existing customers.
  2. Invest in an established company, a high-demand location, peak season and a large unit for maximum trading power.
  3. But buy because of your interest in a place and not only for the exchange value.
  4. Find out how much advance notice is needed for exchanges and their feasibility.
  5. Find out the rate at which the charges are adjusted for inflation and whether you can be charged more.
  6. Check if the maintenance fees charged by the developer increase every year. They usually go up by 3-5 per cent each year.
  7. Remember that some companies give you benefits such as a 10-day cooling-off period to reconsider your decision and no utility fees.”

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