More Than a Hunch About How to Buy Timeshare or Sell Timeshare

At our house, we haven’t had a reason to be thinking about new baby names recently, so I almost skipped over David Berkowitz’s article, “Searching for Zeke, the Unborn,” in the MediaPost Publications newsletter. But I am a regular reader of David’s newsletter and blog, (Inside the Marketers Studio – David Berkowitz’s Marketing Blog) and once again, he had a particularly interesting article.

David was writing about a technology developed by Icosystems, which the company describes as a “hunch engine”. Unlike a search engine, a hunch engine gives you more refined information and helps guide you to your target decision. The hunch engine is the basis of a program called Nymbler, which is designed to help people intuitively choose a baby name that is the “right fit” for them.

In developing Nymbler, Icosystems is essentially designing a technology (not unique only to Icosystems) that uses the responses you provide to train your own search algorithm. Berkowitz describes it as a “form of guided browsing… consumers use the ‘I’ll know it when I see it,’ test to find what they want.”

As I read about this new direction in technology, I couldn’t help thinking that Sell My Timeshare NOW has their own version of a hunch engine. Sure, our website allows you to search for timeshare resales or timeshare rentals by resort name, city, state, or country and that is a very helpful tool. But more importantly, we have nearly 100 highly trained timeshare specialists ready to serve you.

Call our offices at 877-815-4227 or contact us by email, and one of our timeshare resales and timeshare rentals experts will help you “intuitively” choose the timeshare vacation solution that is right for you. If you want to buy timeshare, we will help you find the right vacation club or timeshare real estate to fit the way you like to vacation, your budget, and your dreams.

If you are ready to sell timeshare, Sell My Timeshare NOW will help make that process as easy and efficient as possible. You can manage every aspect of your timeshare resales transaction yourself, or we will assist you in finding the right people to handle as many of the details as you like.

When you want to buy timeshare, sell timeshare, or rent timeshare, turn to Sell My Timeshare NOW. We are a state of the art company, with real people providing you real solutions and support, and I have a hunch that beats a hunch engine, hands down.