Sell My Timeshare NOW Releases 2007 Statistical Synopsis

Sell My Timeshare NOW releases its End-of-Year 2007 Statistical Synopsis today. Because we are a privately held company, we do not publish quarterly earnings reports or an annual report to the stockholders.

However, we do want to keep the business world and the public apprised of the trends within our company, so three times a year we release a quarterly synopsis of business. At the end of the year, we also release an annual summary, which we make available on our website; by general distribution to the media; and as an attachment to a Sell My Timeshare NOW electronic press release distributed by PR Web.

You can download the four-page Sell My Timeshare NOW End of Year 2007 Statistical Synopsis here.

2007 proved to be another record-breaking year for Sell My Timeshare NOW. We set new highs for website traffic, number of unique visitors to our site, revenues and both the dollar amount and the quantity of offers to rent timeshare or to buy timeshare.

2008 will be an interesting year for the economy and the nation. America is facing one of the most unpredictable presidential elections in years. Consumers and businesses stand poised to march forward or push the panic button on their finances. Everyone waits to see what impact recent cuts by the Federal Reserve, the Wall Street rollercoaster, the slowing job market, and the dismal real estate market will have on their personal financial situation.

However, if 2008 follows the path of 2007, it will prove to be both a good year to sell timeshare and a good year to buy timeshare. Timeshares always attract people who are looking to reduce their vacation costs. Timeshare resales offer a way to create a hedge against inflation by locking in today’s vacation lodging costs. People who were considering buying new timeshare from a developer will be paying attention to the great values timeshare resellers can offer. All of which should spell relief for timeshare owners who want to sell timeshare and get out from under their annual fees and commitments as they pare down their household budgets.

Sell My Timeshare NOW is a timeshare advertising and timeshare marketing company; it is also a genuine win-win solution for people who want to buy timeshare and those who want to rent or sell timeshare.