People Know What They Are Buying When They Buy Timeshare Resales

Sell My Timeshare NOW has completed the first phase of a multi-part study on people who buy timeshare and people who sell timeshare. Today, in a press release, we addressed some of the interesting – and highly positive – information we learned about timeshare buyers.

Click here to read the full press release, one of several that Sell My Timeshare NOW will issue about this informative study.

Part of what we learned is that 35.66 percent of the people who buy timeshare resales do so because they recognize they can save money this way. Another 31.52 percent recognize timeshare resales as a great way to vacation. Some of the people (4.91 percent) who buy timeshare resales do so because they are looking for specific amenities such as golf, water sports, or skiing. And 11.8 percent of timeshare buyers say timeshare resales enable them to research the best deal for themselves.

The survey information was collected over a 4-month period to ensure that it represents a valid demographic cross-section of the population and included over 2100 respondents. Additionally, all participants did so anonymously and were qualified to participate, meaning that they had to have placed an offer to buy timeshare in order to be included in the research.

Here’s what these facts tell all of us about buying timeshare in the resale market. The people who buy timeshare resales are not doing so on a whim. This is not a knee-jerk reaction that occurs after someone on vacation has gone on a timeshare resort tour or heard a timeshare sales pitch.

Instead, the people who buy timeshare are thoughtful, deliberate buyers who research the opportunities in timeshare resales and understand the value of timeshare ownership. At Sell My Timeshare NOW, we always knew the timeshare buyers and timeshare renters we work with are knowledgeable consumers…now we have the statistical research to back it up!