Stay Healthy During Your Timeshare Vacation

With a late-season surge in the flu going on in many parts of the US, it is easy to assume that most travel-related illnesses are airborne, but according to a recent health edition article on, experts estimate that up to 50 percent of travel related illnesses are contracted from contaminated water or food.

Many people today find it difficult to work more than one vacation into their schedules and budgets each year; for others, those treasured vacation days roll around even less frequently. So what could possibly be worse than saving dollars and vacation days for months, even years, only to plan a trip and spend any part of it feeling ill?

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The Forbes online article quotes Dr. Susan McLellan, director of the Tulane University Travel Clinic and associate professor of medicine in infectious disease at Tulane University School of Medicine as saying, “Traveling without taking some precautions is like driving without your seatbelt. You’re probably going to be fine-unless something bad happens.”

Here are some worthwhile tips about staying healthy on vacation, and a few thoughts on how owning a timeshare or timeshare resale makes guarding your health when you travel even easier.

Playing it Safe with a Timeshare Condo

Everyone knows that they should drink only bottled water when traveling abroad. And most people even remember that rules applies to the water they use when they brush their teeth, or wash a piece of fruit. But here’s something many travelers don’t know: play it safe with bottled water and drink only from bottles that you open personally.

Restaurants have been known to serve bottled water to guests, but to “graciously” remove the bottle cap first. While you may think they are being accommodating, (and maybe they are) they may, in fact be serving you tap water that has been poured into the bottled water container as a cost saving measure.

And here’s another food-handling tip that could make the difference in a great vacation and a week spent tethered to the bathroom: the fewer times food is handled, the lower the risk of it making you ill. As Forbes writer Allison Van Dusen points out, “You might be better off eating something straight from a street vendor’s boiling pot than off a swanky hotel buffet that’s been sitting around for a while.”

A week in an exotic location may be just the recharge your brain and body needs. Even a not-so-exotic location, like Mexico timeshares, can offer you the sun, sand, and the climate change your body craves, without traveling halfway around the world. But wherever you go, vacationing in a timeshare condo with kitchen facilities might turn out to be the difference between a fabulous holiday and a miserable experience.

You don’t have to bypass dining in restaurants when you go on a timeshare vacation; new and diverse cuisines are part of the fun of travel. But the truth is: you dramatically improve your odds of avoiding travelers’ illness by limiting the number of times you eat food prepared by others. An in-suite kitchen and dining area is a rarity in most hotels, and not available in every timeshare resort. But there are plenty of timeshare resorts in the US and abroad that do offer kitchen and in-room dining areas. Selecting a timeshare condo that provides a kitchen means you personally have control of the food handling and safety of the meals you and your family eat. Like the experts say, you’ll be fine, unless something bad happens…so when you plan a vacation, make it a timeshare vacation. You will be improving your odds of staying healthy as well as enjoying wonderful accommodations and amenities.

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