Mozambique Opens the Door for Timeshare Development

Currently there are timeshare resorts in the Mozambique coastal cities of Ponta de Ouro and Tofo, and in the seaside province of Gaza (not to be confused with the troubled Gaza Strip on the Mediterranean Sea). But until now, the rest of Mozambique has been more or less cut out of the timeshare industry. Complex laws governing ownership of property have made it challenging for outside investors to own and develop properties of any type, but particularly timeshare real estate.

When Orlando Candu, the Mozambique national Inspector General of Tourism, spoke last week at the first Vacation Ownership in Mozambique Seminar, he explained, “Getting property rights, especially for commercial ventures, is difficult in the country but with new legislation like the regulation of timeshare, things would be easier.”

Candu is referring to Mozambique’s recent regulatory changes governing timeshare ownership that enable both local and foreign investors to enter the competitive timeshare real estate property market on an equal basis. At this time, the few existing timeshare resorts in Mozambique are owned by tourist operators from the neighboring countries of Zimbabwe and South Africa. Now, potentially both local business people and international hoteliers will have a green flag for developing in Mozambique.

Why You Should Keep Your Eye on Mozambique Timeshares

While Mozambique historically has been a country marked by political strife and a struggling economy, keep your eye on them as a potential timeshare resort growth destination – much like South Africa timeshares.

Mozambique offers miles and miles of sun-soaked, pristine beaches and tropical offshore islands. The country’s rich cultural heritage is an interesting mix of native Bantu tribes and the Portuguese colonists who settled there in the 1500’s. The Portuguese influence is still so strong that it remains Mozambique’s official language.

As the world continues to discover South Africa timeshares and as vacation ownership grows in this region, Mozambique could easily be the next stop on timeshare developer’s hot list. The perceived safety of vacationing at timeshare resorts will ease security concerns about traveling in Africa in the minds of many people. In addition, for US travelers facing the dollar’s declining value in Europe, Africa, where the US dollar remains strong, could become an increasingly attractive vacation destination.

To learn more about current opportunities in South Africa timeshare resales visit Sell My Timeshare NOW’s website. If you are interested in being ahead of the game in the timeshare industry, keep your eyes on Mozambique timeshare.

Enjoy this 30-second video of mysterious Mozambique: