Follow-Up on Timeshare Scam in Branson

The Timeshare Owners Blog (March 12, 2008) first wrote about a timeshare scam involving Branson Log Homes, a company that does business as Executive Timbers Resort and Golf Course.

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Currently Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon is seeking restitution for timeshare buyers for alleged fraud, deception, and misrepresentation by Executive Timbers in the advertising and sales of timeshare memberships, timeshare real estate, timeshare vacation club plans, and timeshare resale brokerage services.

Following up on the charges, AG Nixon has stated, “A number of consumers spent thousands of dollars and attempted to trade in their existing timeshares as part of an agreement to purchase a new timeshare from Branson Log Homes.”

The lawsuit requests that the court order Executive Timbers to stop violating state consumer protection laws and to pay restitution (including civil penalties and all costs associated with the investigation and prosecution) to all consumers who suffered a loss due to the timeshare company’s unlawful conduct.

Unrelated Charges Against the Branson Timeshare Company

According to Branson Daily News, Branson Log Homes, has also been cited by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for chronic failure to conduct required bacteriological testing on its drinking water system. In Missouri, the DNR requires that all public water systems be tested for bacteria at least once per month to verify that the system provides safe drinking water to the public. Failure to monitor drinking water does not mean the water is necessarily unsafe, however routine testing is a crucial part of maintaining a safe water supply.

Consumer Complaints Against the Branson Timeshare Company

For a list of the consumer complaints filed against the timeshare company, or to file a complaint of your own, against Branson Log Homes, visit the website for the Missouri Office of the Attorney General.

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