Dreaming About a Timeshare Vacation?

Interval International has introduced the Dream Vacation Week certification program. With their affiliate, Worldwide Vacation & Travel Inc., II is using the program as an incentive package designed for timeshare developers. The idea is that the program will generate timeshare resort tours or can be used by timeshare developers to enhance the proposition of their non-buyer programs.

Not Limited to Timeshare Resort Developers

The Dream Vacation program is being put to use by other industries besides timeshare companies. Lending Tree, the Home Loan Center, and Match.com for example, are just a few of the businesses that are giving away Dream Vacation Week certificates as part of their loyalty and incentives programs.

Dream Vacations Weeks are not free. Even after you earn an incentive reward through one of the participating companies, you still must pay a timeshare rental fee. You can book timeshare rental stays for your Dream Vacation Week in 7-day intervals only, and you should expect the offerings during peak travel times and at high-demand locations to be limited.

But if you receive a Dream Vacation Week certificate as a benefit for taking out a home mortgage, or as part of your membership in Interval International, it is an opportunity to enjoy a timeshare vacation at a discount price. It is also is great way to gain a firsthand perspective on a timeshare resort before you buy timeshare resales there.

You Don’t Have to Buy a New House to Enjoy Good Deals on Timeshare Rentals

If you earn a Dream Vacation Week certificate, you have an opportunity to enjoy 7 days in a great timeshare rental at prices starting around $600 (and up), depending on the timeshare unit’s size and location. But you don’t have to refinance your home or sign up for an online dating service just to enjoy an excellent price on a timeshare rental.

Sell My Timeshare NOW has a huge inventory of timeshare rentals, at prices and locations that are just as good as those you will see though incentive programs. Timeshare owners sometimes rent timeshare just to cover or offset their annual timeshare ownership membership fees or taxes, which means that the opportunity to enjoy a seriously discounted timeshare stay in a Sell My Timeshare NOW timeshare rental are just amazing. You can take a timeshare vacation, for the number of days you prefer to rent, staying in a timeshare unit and vacation destination that fits your vacation wants and needs.

It’s not a dream. The great deals in timeshare rentals are very, very real and they are available every day at Sell My Timeshare NOW.