European Timeshare Leaders Meeting in Scotland

The Organisation for Timeshare in Europe met this week for their biennial United Kingdom conference. Held in Edinburgh on Thursday, the event was sponsored by Scottish Development International. It was particularly fitting to see the conference return to Scotland, since the first timeshare resort in the UK was opened in 1976 at Loch Rannoch.

The UK chairman of the Organisation for Timeshare in Europe, Frank Chapman, said, “I was fortunate enough to open the first timeshare resort in the UK at Loch Rannoch. At the time this was a completely novel concept in holiday home ownership in the UK and it has proved incredibly popular, with 115,000 week long holidays now taken every year in the UK.”

“Timeshare has thrived in Scotland because it offers a unique opportunity for both UK holiday makers and those from abroad to regularly visit and build up a relationship with some stunning properties and locations across the country. Scottish Timeshare provides some of the best facilities in the world and visitors are able to enjoy the best that Scotland has to offer: from the stunning lochs and mountains of the highlands to the vibrancy of culture in its cities.”

Topics of discussion for the meetings included:

  • Developments in digital and electronic marketing
  • The future of tourism in Scotland.
  • Design innovations and how the timeshare industry can learn from these.
  • And an open forum on what the Organisation for Timeshare in Europe can do for you.

The Organisation for Timeshare in Europe works to improve representation for reputable companies in the timeshare industry, and to promote fair-trading, equality within, and growth of the timeshare industry.

The OTE has 130 members from all parts of Europe, and includes timeshare resort developers, timeshare exchange companies, timeshare management and marketing companies, trustees, financial houses, and timeshare resale companies.

Follow this link to read the European Directive that covers the timeshare industry in Europe.

Follow this link to read the section of the European Directive that specifically deals with timeshare in Spain.

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