The Timeshare Owners Blog is Now THE TIMESHARE AUTHORITY

The Timeshare Owners Blog has a new name and a new look, growing and changing to keep up with your needs.

When our blog began, 4 years ago, we posted information several times each month. As readership grew and the need escalated to get more news to more people, we started posting weekly, which quickly evolved into 2 and 3 times per week. Now, we typically update the blog daily, Monday through Saturday.

Our goal is to speak to timeshare owners and people who are interested in becoming owners, yet also to people who have never imagined they might want to rent or buy timeshare, because they just do not recognize the opportunities timeshare has for them. We seek to educate and enlighten our readers with a broad scope of vacation ownership and travel industry information, and a focused eye on all things timeshare.

We are no longer a blog just for timeshare owners…we are the definitive resource for all news TIMESHARE…the good, the great, and even the troubling. We are the resource, the answer, and the authority.

And effective today, we are now known as: The Timeshare Authority.

Our look is sleeker and cleaner; information is easier to find. Our new URL (our web address) is

Now when you type in our old address, you will be redirected to The Timeshare Authority. But you will still be able to find past articles and information on our new site.

We hope you like the changes you find here as we continue to redefine our service to better meet your requests and your needs.