Why Rent Timeshares?

When you travel, you have several options for lodging, in addition to the alternative of renting timeshare. All of these choices come with both pros and cons.

Nothing saves vacation dollars quite like staying with relatives, and depending upon the situation, this can be a great way to spend time with people you perhaps don’t see as often as you would like. But spending your vacation in someone else’s home, where their schedules and plans will greatly impact your own, can be like a lot like a summer movie, starring you instead of Chevy Chase. Besides, unless you have lots of accommodating friends and family, or the ones you have relocate like nomads, spending every vacation in the same location can quickly lose its appeal.

For the motivated economizer, there are also lodging opportunities at hostels, fire watch towers, and even college dormitories, but will you be able to find such deals, when and where you need them? Will they meet your needs, and most importantly, will you feel like you are on a vacation while staying there?

Traveling like a movie star and renting a private home can be a very luxurious option, but unless a domestic staff comes with the deal, or you are bringing your butler, you can expect to be pretty much on your own during your stay. If you need anything, there is no one at the front desk to assist you and forget about courtesy tee times and supervised activities for the kids. Besides, staying at a private residence or vacation condo is often a bit of a gamble, unless you have rented there before. Your landlord’s idea of spacious, well appointed, and convenient to local attractions may differ vastly from your own. This leads us to the reason that so many people choose to stay in hotels or motels when they travel.

Hotel and motel lodging is available almost everywhere. Easy to book, easy to find, hotel lodging is relatively predictable. However, as everyone knows, or learns the hard way, cleanliness, quality, and safety can vary enormously from property to property, even though hotels may be owned or managed as part of the same chain.

The Timeshare Rental Solution

Timeshare rentals are more predictable than renting a private vacation home or condo. You can largely rely on the on-site timeshare management to ensure the standard of safety, cleanliness, and service at the resort. Timeshare management, after all, must answer to the timeshare owners at that resort, in a way that demands a different type of accountability than a motel or hotel has with its transient guests. And for many of the same reasons that people want to buy timeshare, they also want to rent it. Timeshare resorts typically offer an abundance of amenities, good security features, and roomy accommodations.

With the economy tight and gas costing more and more each week, this may not be the year you buy timeshare. But there has never been a better time to rent one. Rent timeshare and learn firsthand if timesharing is right for you. Check out a resort, enjoy a vacation, and pay less and get more than you do at a hotel.

The opportunities in timeshare rentals are excellent and with the choices available through Sell My Timeshare NOW, you are bound to find one that is just right for your vacation needs and budget.